Our Approach

Our goal is our clients’ and candidates’ long-term success. We personally stand behind the quality of our work.

AGA’s DeepSearch™ recruiting methodology is unique, effective, and proven. It’s based on state-of-the art human capital research and our extensive recruiting experience. Our approach is customizable and extensible.

Every search assignment includes the following consulting services:

  • 360° Stakeholder Interviews and Position Analysis
  • Industry Standard Compensation
  • Competitive and Market Intelligence
  • Job Description Development
  • Position Specification
  • Search Assignment Strategy
  • Candidate Research and Sourcing
  • Customized Candidate Screening and Assessment Instruments
  • Three-Stage Candidate Assessments
  • Status Updates
  • Candidate Briefings for the Client
  • Candidate Profiles
  • Interview Planning and Coordination
  • Candidate Selection
  • Background Investigation and Reference Checks
  • Offer Negotiation
  • On-Boarding Support
  • Client and New Hire Quality and Satisfaction Follow-Ups

1. Stakeholder Interviews

At the beginning of the search, we meet with our client’s key stakeholders who will be working with the new employee (managers, peers, subordinates, and others). These interviews give us a 360° perspective on the business goals and expectations for the new hire. We also learn about our client’s corporate culture.

2. Position Specification

Using our proprietary job analysis tool and our client’s input we identify the necessary skills, experience, behaviors, talents, and cultural fit required for this position. Then we write a detailed Position Specification Document, which includes:

  • Company overview, including the corporate culture and key benefits of working there
  • Situation and need for hiring this individual at this time
  • Biographies and management styles of the hiring managers
  • Responsibilities
  • Qualifications, including skills, knowledge, and abilities
  • Experience requirements

The Position Specification Document is provided to the most-qualified, passive, potential candidates who have expressed an interest in learning more about the opportunity. It describes the benchmarks by which each candidate is assessed. The document is also a key tool in selling these candidates on the benefits and most exciting aspects of the company and the position.

3. Candidate Research

Once the search is defined, we will conduct a target market analysis and review the industry landscape. Based on all of this information, we will develop the search assignment strategy, outlining our recruiting approach for this executive search. Using our research-based, DeepSearch™ methodology we will develop a list of target companies. We will present this list to you and refine it, based on your industry knowledge. We will also modify and expand this list as the search progresses.

Our research associates will conduct a thorough study identifying those individuals who should be approached for the position. To accomplish this we will:

  • Conduct original research into target companies and thoroughly review those organizations to identify passive, prospective candidates
  • Search AGA’s executive database and project management system
  • Review materials gathered from previous searches that may relate to this assignment
  • Draw upon our broad experience, contacts, and knowledge of the industry sector
  • Contact key industry and/or functional executives for their insights and recommendations
  • If appropriate, incorporate any internal or external candidates you have identified
  • As a matter of policy, we interview and select candidates without regard to gender, race, creed, or national origin

4. Candidate Evaluation

We will then contact prospective candidates to discuss the position. Candidates who are qualified and interested will be evaluated through a rigorous, three-stage assessment process, using candidate screening and assessment instruments that we have customized for this specific search. This steep “conversion funnel” will identify a small number of highly-vetted candidates, to save you time and effort. The final stage entails in-person or video conference behavioral interviews, depending on location. Each candidate finalist will be presented to you, accompanied by a detailed Candidate Profile.

We will advise and help you develop position-specific interview processes and methodologies. We maintain close contact with each candidate finalist throughout the interview process, to monitor their ongoing, increasing level of interest in the position and help ensure that they will accept an offer of employment, if you decide to extend one to them. Prior to a final hiring decision, we complete thorough, 360° reference checks and background investigations. And we help craft, offer, and negotiate the compensation package, following your guidelines.

5. On-Boarding and Follow Up

Our involvement extends well beyond the placement of a new hire. We assist with on-boarding and integration. We follow up periodically with both you and your new hire to ensure a successful, long tenure at your company.